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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Box Art diorama- AFS. MkI and Crashed Neuspotter

I was  very inspired by a WIP thread on the MaK board by Francesco Benedettini-

I wanted to do my own version of the box top art as well. I had a Neuspotter that had sen better days after a few accidents, so what the hey? make it look really beat up. I will add a AFS 1 to go with it. The internals are just old wires and springs that I had in the spares box. I plan to make it look like its also been partially burned as well. The parts have been deformed in some places with the old handy candle. I still have some fiddling to do with the arms, maybe another wire or two. Not sure. The groundwork will be really simple, since I stink at groundwork and don't really enjoy building it. I LOVE to see well done bases, I just cannot seem to make myself put in the work.

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