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Sunday, October 07, 2012

Done. all the small bits that needed cleanup have ben fixed, hair detailed and shaded, I may need to do some more on the boot lacings, buts that is really small stuff... Done

getting closer to finished. I did more shading and wok on the clothing

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Did a little more detailing work after the oils had some time to set up. bumped up the contrast in a few small areas

 I finally got some time to paint. I started with a THIN wash of raw sienna oil paint over my acrylic flesh coat. It helps me to see the shading and any flaws I might have missed. It looks like ass at first, but don't panic.

 The oil color palette is pretty simple, titanium white, raw sienna, cadmium red and a pre mixed Caucasian flesh mix.

 I find that less is a LOT better than more with oils.

 Start with the darkest shadows and then build up to the highlights and blend, blend blend with a CLEAN pointed brush. Its not voodoo, or magic. Get an optivisor, sit down and just lay on some color.

 Look in the mirror, copy a photo, anything that you might find inspiration in or a guide. I finish off with a quick spray of dull-coat lacquer. The last pics are a little shiny, I still need to finish that step

 Enough blather- pictures!

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Started some more work on the excellent figure from Lincoln Wright's company Wrapped in Bacon
and it is a pleasure to paint! I started with the eyes after the base coat. I just cannot get the face correct if the eyes are not done first. I don't have any secretes, just a thin wash of sepia extra then slow touch ups to get the iris centered and then off white to get the "whites" back. The rest of the skin will be oil paint, I love the slow dry time and the extra thin layers that can be achieved. The clothing will be all in acrylics with just a hint of oils for shading some of the dark shadows.

Monday, August 06, 2012

Well, she's pretty much finished. I will go back and highlight the hair a teeny bit, buts this is enough for now. The shot with the other mechanic and PaK Krote is to show some scale, not her destination.