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Sunday, July 15, 2012

OK, it's done. Well as done as it's going to be at least.


Finally getting closer. I think the water came out ok now that its 90% cleared. So now Its just some clean ups, (fingerprints mostly- grrrr) the hoses and cabling. then pop in the visor  and this one will be called done.


Friday, July 13, 2012

waiting on some stuff to dry on the Cthulu build, so I started to knock around on a base for my Krote that has been lingering. The groundwork is just painted cork sheet, the kind you use as shelf's cheap, cuts with scissors and has an adhesive backing. I painted it with Floquil concrete- careful, don't saturate. It WILL bubble up as it dries. Just alight coat is all that you need. The told are from the excellent Figure set 1 by Hasegawa. The tools still needs some work, but not much. nothing is glued, just playing around with composition. I may leave this as a generic base for photo purposes. I'm running out of shelf space...