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Saturday, September 22, 2012

 I finally got some time to paint. I started with a THIN wash of raw sienna oil paint over my acrylic flesh coat. It helps me to see the shading and any flaws I might have missed. It looks like ass at first, but don't panic.

 The oil color palette is pretty simple, titanium white, raw sienna, cadmium red and a pre mixed Caucasian flesh mix.

 I find that less is a LOT better than more with oils.

 Start with the darkest shadows and then build up to the highlights and blend, blend blend with a CLEAN pointed brush. Its not voodoo, or magic. Get an optivisor, sit down and just lay on some color.

 Look in the mirror, copy a photo, anything that you might find inspiration in or a guide. I finish off with a quick spray of dull-coat lacquer. The last pics are a little shiny, I still need to finish that step

 Enough blather- pictures!

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